Parent Consultations

Scheduled with our Executive Director Renu B. Rose to support parents seeking guidance on a myriad of individual needs for their gifted students. Consultations may be held in Colorado or setup long distance across the country.

Identification & Assessment of Giftedness

Comprehensive, multi-faceted evaluation for giftedness which includes a cognitive assessment (Wechsler Preschool & Primary Scale of Intelligence-IV, Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-IV, or Stanford-Binet), as well as assessment of creative, social, emotional intelligences, and a learning styles assessment. Our uniquely comprehensive assessment process may includes an in-class observation of child in their current educational setting, and also includes a detailed developmental/family history. Our goal is to honor a holistic, multiple-intelligences perspective of a student as we assess for giftedness. Following the assessment, a detailed evaluation report is developed, and an evaluation feedback session is scheduled with parents to review findings and share detailed recommendations.

Identification & Assessment of Learning Differences & Psychological Needs

We provide assessments for students  who may be twice-exceptional, gifted but who also may have academic, learning, or affective needs which need identification and support.

Educational Services for Gifted Students

  • Individualized Educational Sessions for Gifted Students
  • Individualized Educational Sessions for Gifted with Learning Differences/Twice-Exceptional Students
  • Educational Modules for Homeschooled Students
  • Project and Inquiry-Based, Integrative Curriculum Model Utilized at SAGE Honoring Cognitive, Academic, and Affective Development of Gifted
  • In-School Consultations
  • In-Class Observations & Teacher Support

Psychotherapy Services for Gifted Students

  • Individual Play Therapy for Young Children
  • Individual Therapy for Elementary and Adolescent Students
  • Family Therapy

Occupational Therapy Services for Gifted Students

School Placement Guidance

If your student has been identified as gifted, you're likely considering finding the appropriate school to challenge your student and more fully develop his or her talents. Finding this school fit can be stressful and confusing.  It is often difficult to find objective ways to compare different school offerings. SAGE staff are familiar with the variety of gifted schools, public and private. We also support you in finding independent schools that have excellent programs for the highly gifted student.  We will provide you an objective recommendation based on your student's abilities and preferences.

SAT/ACT College Prep and Coaching Support:

  • Coping skills for anxiety reduction during high stakes testing
  • Enhancing vocabulary and reading comprehension
  • Post-secondary transition services

Additional Services

  • Parent Education Services
  • Teacher Education & Professional Development Services
  • Social Skills Groups for Gifted
  • Day/Summer Camps for Gifted
  • Speaker Series on Gifted Education Topics
  • Gifted School Design & Development


Please note that our clients pay for SAGE fees by credit card and our fee structure is based on the customized services our families select from the array above. We do not accept insurance as part of our practice and are not able to complete or process insurance claims and/or receipts. We are pleased to offer a sliding scale fee structure to our families based on financial need.

Professional Associations

SAGE is pleased to have membership in the following organizations: National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC), the California Association for the Gifted (CAG), and the Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented (CAGT).

Finding someone who can help navigate the system on behalf of a gifted child, is itself a gift. How lucky were we to find Renu Rose, who has been there since my daughter was young. With her guidance and kindness, Renu has helped us indenitify and understand sources to support our family, on all levels. Renu’s compassion as a human, brilliance as an educator and tenacity as an advocate for gifted children, all combined to bring us peace of mind and delight. My daughter is entering high school this Fall and I STILL turn to Renu for advice! She has touched our lives and we are the better for knowing her. As the recipients of her own talented gifts with children and parents, we enthusiastically recommend Renu Rose to everyone who comes to us and asks where to begin on this journey toward finding the right resources and support in a challenging educational world.
— Robin Glickstein, Ed. M

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