2017 Summer Program

At the turn of the 20th century, progressive education was fronted by John Dewey and the Nature-Study movement. Much like today, they believed that gardening and learning by experience (particularly in nature) was paramount not only to children’s learning, but to their health and well-being. Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences provides the platform from which we work to support the various minds, styles of learning and understanding that our children possess. 

At SAGE Center for Gifted we offer project-based experiences that are set in nature and tailored to our children’s needs and strengths. Groups will be mindfully chosen to foster positive social emotional learning and optimal cognitive enrichment for all of our students.

Our SAGE Summer Program will include cognitive pieces that will delight our gifted students, incite their imaginations and prepare them for the school year ahead.

Our models encompass Storybook/Literature, Fantasy/Science Fiction, Nature and Science, Urban Arts/Architecture Camp, Fall Warm-Up Program and will be woven throughout our summer experiences, all uniquely tailored to the development of our Sage student's intelligences.