Assistant Director, Educational Therapist
Kat Gibbons
SAGE Center, Boulder/Denver/Louisville

Kat Gibbons has been employed at SAGE Center as an Educational Therapist since the spring of 2014. Kat's dedication to families and her deep connection to our students demonstrate her perceptive ability to oversee our program. Kat continues to nurture the SAGE philosophy, a holistic system of support to gifted children and families in need. Equally passionate and effective, she tends the strengths of each individual, compelling a sense of freedom and accomplishment.

For over 3 years, Kat maintained a steady pace at SAGE Center – guiding, teaching and counseling students individually and in groups. This work has included meeting with teachers, school administrators and clinical therapists to help guide children and their parents through the complexities of support including cognitive enrichment, social-emotional coaching, sensory and emotional regulation, as well as trauma-informed care.

Kat has navigated the diversity of experiences and roles with heightened awareness, patience and skill. This path has proven to be a rich opportunity to apply her cumulative expertise. It is a natural next step for Kat to transition into the role of direct leadership and administration.

Kat frequently calls upon her experience as an artist as a source of inspiration for her work as a therapist. Having taught herself to paint more than twenty years ago, she often finds the medium of art to be an alternative way of communicating with emotionally traumatized individuals who would otherwise be out of reach. Her skill set includes photography, illustration, printmaking, sculpture, sewing, felting, and therapeutic puppetry. Experience and endless experimentation has provided Kat a resourceful lexicon for developing new ways of communicating through Art.  

Kat is pursuing further studies in Trauma-Informed Expressive Arts Therapy and the intersection of trauma with the gifted population. 

“I never feel limited by creating; on the contrary, my world opens up to new possibilities. Sharing this with the children at SAGE has provided me with different ways of reaching my students. My hope is for children to find comfort and new ways of communicating through the Arts."  – Kat Gibbons

Administrative Assistant,
Chris Hughes
SAGE Center, Boulder/Denver

We welcome Chris Hughes as our Administrative Assistant. Chris will provide a myriad of organizational duties and support to Director Renu Rose and our SAGE faculty, as well as to our families.

As a mother of two twice-exceptionally gifted children, Chris is passionate about encouraging and nurturing gifted children and their families. She has guided many friends to valuable resources (such as sensory interventions and tools) that have helped improve their own lives as well as their children’s. Chris has a firsthand understanding of what many parents are experiencing and will offer an empathic perspective when working with our families.

Chris is compassionate, friendly, and supportive. She is well read on topics related to gifted children – their intensities, over-excitabilities, emotional concerns, as well as the misdiagnosis of mental illness in profoundly gifted children. She is always striving to learn more, to help her own children and experiences joy when helping others.  

Chris has had personal experiences with SAGE Center on behalf of her daughter, appreciating firsthand the tender and compassionate care that SAGE provides by valuing and honoring the whole child.  

“The idea of working in an environment that is so nurturing and supportive – and with people who share the same passion for helping gifted children and their parents – is like finding my niche in this world.”  – Chris Hughes

SAGE Center offers a warm welcome to Chris. We look forward to making this journey together … we know all will appreciate her compassion and empathy.

Website Manager,
Anne Borrell
SAGE Center, Boulder/Denver

Anne is a graphic designer for web and print. She maintains the SAGE website and has added her own creative touch, the SAGE Center In Bloom Newsletter. Anne provides editorial support and content development, designs graphics and slideshows as well as promotional literature for SAGE’s related professional associations.

As a proponent of arts education, Anne is a founder of ArtsALIVE! - the arts booster organization of the Katonah-Lewisboro School District, Katonah, NY. On its behalf, she devoted many years as designer, writer, program developer, and fundraiser, nurturing ArtsALIVE from the spark of an idea to an enduring resource within the school district.

As a parent and grandparent, Anne believes that the arts are an essential expression for the whole person. They teach students so many lessons, such as the value of practice, collaboration, and the beauty of creative expression. The arts teach children that there are several paths to take when approaching problems – and that all problems have more than one solution. Anne believes that the arts provide positive motivation, encouraging students to stay in school, succeed in school, succeed in life.

Anne offers: “Renu B. Rose and the faculty of SAGE Center provide gentle support of children and their families. I am moved when I read and edit the client studies that we post in our Newsletter. The possibilities for growth and holistic transformation through the blending of art, kindness, and observation/interaction in the world are so evident. I am honored to play a supporting role in this organization.”

Anne creates photomontage images for artistic and commercial purposes, builds unique websites, and one-of-a-kind books that celebrate meaningful events and people. View her work at Anne Borrell Graphic Design and The Healing Home.