Administrative Director,
Chris Hughes

July 2018. We continue to increase our administrative staff to accommodate growth and expansion at SAGE! We are pleased to announce the promotion of Ms. Chris Hughes to Administrative Director.

Ms. Chris Hughes has served in an exemplary capacity at SAGE as an administrative assistant, managing critical tasks for the efficient flow of our company. She now will focus on higher-level administrative oversight and infrastructure development vital for our company's long-term growth, and provide critical right-hand support to our Executive Director, Ms. Renu Rose, as well as to our families.

As a mother of two twice-exceptionally gifted children, Chris is passionate about encouraging and nurturing gifted children and their families. She has guided many friends to valuable resources (such as sensory interventions and tools) that have helped improve their own lives as well as their children’s. Chris has a firsthand understanding of what many parents are experiencing and will offer an empathic perspective when working with our families.

Chris is compassionate, friendly, and supportive. She is well read on topics related to gifted children – their intensities, over-excitabilities, emotional concerns, as well as the misdiagnosis of mental illness in profoundly gifted children. She is always striving to learn more, to help her own children and experiences joy when helping others.  

Chris has had personal experiences with SAGE Center on behalf of her daughter, appreciating firsthand the tender and compassionate care that SAGE provides by valuing and honoring the whole child.  

“The idea of working in an environment that is so nurturing and supportive – and with people who share the same passion for helping gifted children and their parents – is like finding my niche in this world.”  – Chris Hughes

SAGE Center offers a warm welcome to Chris. We look forward to making this journey together … we know all will appreciate her compassion and empathy.


Business Manager,
Laura Smith

Laura Smith is an accomplished and competent full-cycle bookkeeper with over 20 years of varied experience in the finance & accounting field. She is known best for her eye for detail and scrutinizing reconciliation skills. 
She is a QuickBooks master and is proficient in all stages of maintenance accounting, including Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables, balance reconciliations, and financial reporting, along with all phases of payroll processing, including payroll tax filings and year-end forms reporting. Laura prides herself on her ability to be thorough, diligent, accurate, and professional while still maintaining a friendly, personal, and approachable demeanor with all of her clients. As a professional in a career open to scrutiny, Laura upholds her commitment to not only accuracy, but also transparency, and ensures that her clients are always left with a feeling of confidence, satisfaction, and complete openness between themselves and the accountant on whom they rely to keep their financials in order.
When she's not crunching numbers and counting beans, Laura can often be found on a challenging hiking trail, testing her physical abilities while breathing in the beauty of Colorado nature. The breathtaking views from a summit always serve as a reward for the demanding climb to it. And when she’s not de-stressing in nature, she might be found belting out a tune at karaoke or striking up some healthy competition at a pool table. And whereas these all serve as excellent vacations from her analytical daily life, her favorite stress relief is found through teaching preschool Sunday School. As an equally left and right-brained person, Laura finds satisfaction and validation in reconciling an intimidating balance discrepancy, but her soul is filled by planting seeds of faith in the little ones released into her care every Sunday morning, and she believes there is no greater reward than the smiles, hugs, and snuggles she receives as thanks for the very small portion of her time that she devotes to this precious opportunity.
Though fully skilled and competent in her profession, Laura considers herself to be the furthest thing from a ‘typical accountant’. With a deeply empathic nature, in a behind-the-scenes profession that most consider ‘boring’, she strives to find work that can add meaning to the work she does. She specializes in small business accounting, helping to promote and further the aspirations of other entrepreneurs.
While her work serves to challenge her mind, her heart still longs for something more meaningful. “My nephew is autistic, and since his diagnosis in 2009, I have immersed myself in the autism community. To satisfy some of my emotional needs I offer accounting and payroll services to an agency that provides behavioral therapy services to children on the autism spectrum. The opportunity to support an agency such as SAGE was a no-brainer for me, and I am honored to work with such caring and loving people, adding even more meaning and depth to my career.”– Laura Smith
Laura graduated from CSU Global Campus and the University of Colorado at Boulder. She has certifications in Quickbooks, and ProAdvisor, and is State of Colorado Sales/Use Tax Certified. She is a registered Notary Public, State of Colorado. 


IT & Website Manager,
Beatriz M. Rose

We are pleased to welcome Beatriz Rose as our IT & Website Manager for SAGE Center for Gifted! Beatriz’s keen expertise and diverse experience in the complex field of technology will be a tremendous asset to a rapidly growing company serving clients nationally and internationally, as we expand our reach with our website platform, graphics development, social media, and search engine optimization to serve an ever-growing referral base of families in need.

Growing up in Brazil, Beatriz was lover of problem solving and puzzles, and was drawn to computer programming when she was 11 years old. Although she loves to code, Beatriz has been passionate for languages and arts since she was a young child. In her teens, she was the “go to” at her condo in Sao Paulo when neighbors experienced trouble getting on their devices, new PC, laptop or setting up a router. Friends who were taking tutorial classes for foreign languages such as English, Spanish or Italian, would ask Beatriz’s parents to let her come over and help them. “I was always happy to help the kids or adults around me. Every time I taught someone, I was learning more.” 

Beatriz holds degrees from Sao Paulo, Brazil in the areas of: Arts and Systems Analysis and Development. After moving to Colorado in 2011, she taught young children in Montessori programs and taught foreign language at schools for gifted children. Beatriz is a Network Technician at Level 3 Communications, now CenturyLink, where she utilizes her expertise in foreign languages and IT skills to troubleshoot network issues throughout Asia, Europe and South America.

Beatriz enjoys the Colorado life style with her husband and two dogs. When she is not learning new technologies and languages, she loves to enjoy dance and yoga, To balance her busy life, she enjoys running outdoors in the spectacular nature of Colorado. Beatriz is also a gifted artist, creating extraordinary work in the mediums of painting, drawing, sewing, and jewelry design. Her intelligences in languages of all types, foreign languages and coding, as well as her creative, visual-spatial intelligence, along with her delightfully wondrous sense of curiosity and problem-solving are an extraordinary combination for this role. Her inter-personal intelligence, her capacity to connect with others with deep compassion, empathy, and sensitivity, also an exceptional gift. She truly embodies as an adult, the mind and heart combination we aspire to nurture within our children at SAGE.

Beatriz’s favorite quote is: “Learning provides creativity. Creativity leads to thinking. Thinking provides knowledge. Knowledge makes you great.” A.P. J. Abdul Kalam “I am super excited to be at SAGE Center. I feel honored to work with such caring people, where I can passionately utilize my technology expertise and creativity to support the growth of SAGE in serving its mission to care for gifted children locally, nationally, and internationally.”