SAGE Center for Gifted is a families' first step in securing needed guidance and direction for the decisions they need to make regarding the assessment, educational, and clinical support of their children when traditional processes are not their path. 

Often times, it takes several years of schooling before a student's progress alerts parents that something may not be a fit. It is at this time that parents are typically left to make critical decisions regarding next steps without an expert opinion or someone to talk to who understands completely-- leaving them to learn on their own through trial and sometimes error. This wastes valuable time and energy. Tapping into the expert advice at SAGE Center early, is a valuable investment as it can help save years of frustration for both parents and most importantly, their students. 

Realizing the importance of making good decisions as quickly and smoothly as possible both at the foundational stage of beginning education, or at a crossroads in a current situation. SAGE Center, through the expertise of its founder, Renu Rose, can introduce all the available options for support, resources and educational settings that best fit each student's needs. More importantly, Renu will arm families with the critical knowledge of their student's true needs through conversation and deep assessment which makes a solid plan of recommended action possible. 

Founder Renu B. Rose

Founder Renu B. Rose

Founder & Executive Director Renu B. Rose

As a passionate, dedicated, and highly experienced professional in the field of Gifted Education, with over 25 years of experience in supporting gifted and twice-exceptional children and their parents, Renu wanted to develop an honoring environment in which parents could receive sensitive, customized, comprehensive services, with a high-level of gifted expertise in order to support them in their search of much needed guidance and services for their gifted children.

For these reasons, Renu founded the SAGE Center for Gifted in 2012. 

Background with Gifted Students and Education:

Renu holds educational degrees from Harvard University and has over 25 years of experience and expertise working with gifted and twice-exceptional students and their families. She has served in a variety of positions from elementary and university level teaching, to executive-level administrative leadership, and most recently, as the former Executive Director of a private school for gifted children in Colorado where she spent more than a decade.

What is truly unique and extremely valuable is her training and vision for gifted students, which focuses on, honoring the multiple intelligences of these students and sensitively nurturing their cognitive, emotional, social, and creative intellects in a holistic manner. Renu has exceptional expertise in parent education, counseling, characteristics and assessment of the gifted and implications for diagnosis and intervention services.

Renu’s charismatic personality in working with students and parents is the spark that ignites understanding, acceptance and success at school and home. Her knowledge, understanding, and expertise regarding the gifted child is amazing. She is the consummate educator. Renu is well known for her ability to communicate effectively with teachers and parents about a student’s strengths and challenges. As the Head of School and Executive Director at (a gifted-specific private school) for many years, she warmly welcomed gifted students and worked tirelessly to help them love who they were, and supported them to become well rounded individuals. Her goal for the students she works with is to help them become happy and successful not only academically but socially and emotionally as well. Her outstanding training and knowledge of the multiple intelligence model of giftedness has been critical in the development of her holistic honoring of these students and the unique vision she has created in the schools she has led. Working with Renu is an uplifting and life changing experience.
— Suzanne M. Hamm, Ph.D

SAGE Center offers four beautiful locations in Colorado: Denver, Boulder, Louisville, and Lakewood, as well as two locations in California: Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles.