"Renu's charismatic personality in working with children and parents is the spark that ignites understanding, acceptance and success at school and home. Her knowledge, understanding, and expertise regarding the gifted child is amazing. She is the consummate educator. Renu is well known for her ability to communicate effectively with teachers and parents about a child's strengths and challenges. As the Head of School and Executive Director at (a private school in Boulder) for many years, she warmly welcomed gifted children and worked tirelessly to help them love who they were, and supported them to become well rounded individuals. Her goal for the children she works with is to help them become happy and successful not only academically but socially and emotionally as well. Her outstanding training and knowledge of the multiple intelligence model of giftedness has been critical in the development of her holistic honoring of these children and the unique vision she has created in the schools she has led. Working with Renu is an uplifting and life changing experience."

- Suzanne M. Hamm, Ph.D.

"Renu Rose is a visionary when it comes to creating a fertile environment to help children who are gifted succeed and excel in school and life. While compassionately honoring each child's individual gifts, needs, and feelings, Ms. Rose also creates the structure and systems that allow for accountability and progress, in an environment of peace and positivity. It often seems that one must choose between a supportive and compassionate environment, or one of achievement and accountability. Renu Rose has the unusual ability to find the right balance time and again. Her in-tune intuition, personal love of learning, expertise and extreme care for these children combine to create a powerful experience for students, families, and educators as a team. Any family working with Ms. Rose as a "guide to giftedness" will surely feel a great sense of relief, knowing they are in the best of hands."

- Elizabeth Karsell Horne, Director, Colorado School of Acting

"You have found a rare gem in Renu Rose and her new SAGE Center. My wife and I first met Renu in 2010 when we came to her for help because of our frustration with schools that were not able to take care of our gifted son properly. She allowed for two hours in her schedule to address our concerns. I was touched deeply by her unique combination of compassion, Harvard-intellect, and intuitive ability to lead her school and her teachers. She completely understood how to guide our son and how to serve his best and highest good. I am happy for your child that you have found this website."

- Sherif Sakr

"In December 2010, it was clear that our daughter, who, at the time was six years old could not finish first grade at her old school. It was also at this time that we were fortunate to meet Renu. What struck us within the first few minutes of meeting her besides her warmth and genuine care, was most notably her exceptionally immediate, deep, and accurate understanding of our daughter. We remember leaving that meeting feeling convinced that if there were anyone who could unleash the wonders of giftedness (that often can cause feelings of constraint for both child and family) and transform them into empowering strengths, it certainly was Renu."

- Sophia Park-Song, D.M.A., University of Colorado-Denver

"We first met Renu Rose during the interview process for a private school. As Head Master of the school, her gift was not just supervising the day’s activities, but building a community of children, teachers and parents. We have two wonderful children who love to learn, but before we met Renu, they were not learning to their individual potential. When my children applied to the school, they had to fill out an application. Our daughter, who was 6 at the time, wrote with concise sentences, noticeably within the margins and under the question at hand. Our 8 year old son wrote freely, all over the page, along the margins, with run-on sentences. A look at their papers from across the room might concern a parent. How would our son develop into a writer with confidence? Although we knew he was bright, his visual and auditory processing stifled his learning in school to only 14% of what was taught in the classroom. Given all the time in the world, our son would be proficient, but so many times in the classroom, children are tested under the time clock.

My concern for our son was setting him up for failure in a school of academically driven children. We had to hand in the application as is so the school knew his abilities. Despite the disorganization of my son’s application, both our children were invited for an interview and accepted for admission. Of course, we were honored by the opportunity. However, with tears in my eyes, I had one question to ask. No parent wants to doubt the abilities of their own child, but we asked Renu, “Why did you offer an interview to our son, knowing his application was so disorganized?” Her response, “When I saw his application, I had to meet him. This was a child who is overflowing with information and thinks outside the box. We will do what needs to be done for your son to be at or above grade level.” This is Renu’s gift…seeing the potential of the whole child! Sometimes an opportunity seems too good to be true…but with Renu's guidance and expertise it was magical. She emphasized learning to the highest potential with discipline, but always in a kind and peaceful way.

As I write this, our daughter is entering fifth grade and our son is entering seventh grade. According to our daughter, Renu was approachable, calm, relaxing, enthusiastic, and thoughtful of other people. Our son describes her as representation of beautiful metaphors such as…life is a box of chocolates…you never know what you are going to get, and Renu could handle anything. To a parent, Renu supports learning and the well being of the whole child. Renu encourages learning through asking questions, researching the answer, and taking action on what is learned to improve ourselves, our community and our world."

- Julie C. Gelman M.D.

"I can't express how much Renu has made a positive impact on my child and family's life. My son never seemed to fit into the mold of a "traditional" student. He was quickly identified as a 'problem' child at the age of 4 for disrupting classroom procedures. We tried occupational therapy and other techniques to work on his ability to sit and concentrate in a classroom setting. After meeting with Renu, many of our fears as parents were lifted as she compassionately explained the characteristics of gifted children and their untraditional path. I soon learned all of my sons's excessive questions, passions, curiosities and abilities were 'normal' among the gift children. Renu, thank you for showing us the best ways to educate, nurture and love our gifted child!"

- Ericka Mansfield

"After not receiving support from our child's school, we were referred to Renu from a highly respected educational psychologist. we were very leery after the struggles we had been through. Upon our first meeting, Renu immediately put us at ease, radiating peace and warmth. Her compassion for our child was evident from the beginning. Renu's knowledge, coupled with her dedication makes for a successful leader when advocating for children, especially those that don't follow the 'normal' gifted path."

- Tiffany Davis

"A million words fall short and thank you seems inadequate to express the gratitude I feel for Renu. Her enthusiasm, passion and knowledge regarding gifted children is extraordinary. I was extremely impressed with her ability to immediately assess and identify my daughter’s strengths and talents, along with the pitfalls that were hindering her learning process.

The thoughtful investment she makes to help foster a love for learning in children by assessing all aspects of their educational and social environments is exemplary. I am grateful for her knowledgeable insights which helped me identify the most appropriate tools, resources and venue to help instill this love for learning in my daughter!"

- Saba Swamy

"I am writing this as a mother of three unique children that Ms. Renu Rose assisted greatly by both her generous heart and her keen expertise. Our first born, was exhibiting signs of affective giftedness in addition to having a rather high I.Q. We found ourselves very lost as what to do to protect and nurture his gifts. It was recommended that we pursue gifted education for him and during our search we found ourselves in the office of Ms. Renu Rose. She was able to detect the signs of his unique journey in as she put it then, 'his affect.' We came to understand how important it was to protect as well as nurture his unique gifts. From the age of 7 until the age of 13 our son was in a rich environment where he was treated with dignity and was immersed in the concept of compassion. He carries himself with these graces to this day as he approaches his 18th birthday. There are so many opportunities open to him that I fear would not be had his light been misunderstood or 'snuffed out' during his formative years.

In fact all three of our children are thriving as former students under the kind guidance of Renu Rose. Our middle child was invited into the International Baccalaureate program upon his entrance to High School. His love for writing has been commended as he is currently studying a college level English class at the age of 16. I am quite certain that his innate ability to genuinely express himself in words was enhanced by all of the passionate creative writing classes he was blessed with during his years at (a private school in Boulder).

Our youngest is an honor student and has carried a 4.0 g.p.a. since transitioning into public middle school. But more importantly is her care for others and how she was taught from a very young age to reach out to those who might need assistance of various forms. She has also realized her dream of becoming a professional actor. This is, no doubt, due to the daily Performing Arts classes Ms. Rose valued which helped all three of our children learn to connect to others and to the world they are blessed to be a part of."

- Tanya Lyons

"We knew our son was gifted at an early age, but didn't feel the sense of pride we should. Teacher meetings left us with disenchanting reports about his intensity, perfectionism, difficulty, impulse control... and so on. As parents you want so much to enjoy the excitement of the gifts that your child has, but so often we are struggling with the challenges that go along with the brilliance. We felt a sense of sadness because we saw our son losing his usual drive to soak in information, almost giving up on the things that he was originally so excited about. His behavior and social skills were suffering, and we were lost.

And then we met Renu Rose. Her understanding of my son gave us hope and confidence in his future. Her compassion, support, intelligence and kindness have changed how we see our son, and how our son sees the world. We have do doubt he will be successful, and so much of that has to do with Renu. We are all so lucky to have Renu and The Sage Center as a resource for our children. Now our children have a safe place to let their dreams flourish.... there is no better 'gift' than that."

- Joanna Mandell

"Upon meeting Renu for the first time, I was immediately stuck by her compassion and enthusiasm for gifted children. Her knowledge and experience have allowed her to inspire and foster the lives of so many, and will continue to do so through her SAGE Center for Gifted Children. Renu's ability to mentor, create and inspire makes me realize the truly unlimited possibilities for my boys and for humanity. I look forward to continuing to work with her for her guidance, expertise, and kindness. I know that my boys are in great hands during this critical time in their development, and will therefore always be the brightest, most caring boys that I can imagine."

- Sara Reagor

"My family and I met Ms. Renu Rose in 2009, when she was Head-of-School at (a private school in Boulder). Initially, we were very impressed by her expert knowledge of gifted and talented learners (G&T), the challenges of educating them, and her passionate commitment to help these amazing children reach their full potential. In fact, Ms. Rose was the first G&T Educator that I felt completely understood what my daughter needed to make her a successful and happy individual.

Subsequently, my daughter was enrolled for two years at (a private school in Boulder). During that time, I enjoyed working with Ms. Rose, and I was grateful for her support, expertise, and leadership at the school. She always made time to answer all of my questions and/or concerns, and I was very happy with how much our child blossomed under her guidance.

I highly recommend Ms. Rose’s professional services. She truly understands the needs of gifted children!"

- Angela Richtenburg

"When we first met Renu Rose, our son was struggling in a public school system that was ill-equipped to educate a student with his distinct learning profile. Renu evaluated our son’s educational needs and charted a path for him that produced excellent results. Now, our son is engaged in learning, enthusiastic about school and confident in his exceptional abilities. What an incredible impact Renu’s contributions have made in our son’s life and our life together as a family."

- Greg and Patty Walters

"Renu is an exceptional person and advocate for special needs children and their families. Twenty five years ago, in Arizona, there was little public support for special needs children. When we met Renu, we were impressed with her passionate advocacy. Renu's program was a welcome haven for not only our child, but for our family. It provided a nurturing atmosphere, yet utilized research- based techniques. We had utmost confidence in Renu. Her cutting edge program included a well-trained and compassionate staff. She constructed the program to include specialists in many fields including occupational therapy, speech and language, psychology, developmental pediatrics and others. Her support for children and their families was not limited to a nine- to- five schedule. She was always a telephone call away to help us extend our son's school experience to the home environment. She frequently visited our home to provide advice for home strategies. Her regularly scheduled parent support group allowed us to meet and share experiences and learn from other families. The meetings were facilitated by experts in the field including developmental pediatricians and therapists. Part of the program included Renu's expertise and active involvement in transitioning our son when he was ready to leave the program. She remained an indispensable resource after he transitioned from the program. We forged such a strong bond with Renu, that we still consider her a close friend."

- John and Debbie Silva

"With her many years of experience in educating gifted children and her intuitive understanding of their unique needs, Renu is a great resource for parents navigating the issues gifted children can face in and out of the classroom. When we were searching for a solution for our gifted son and daughter, Renu's compassion and knowledge helped us to place them in a school environment that ended up being incredibly nurturing and academically challenging. Now high schoolers, our children continue to thrive intellectually, socially and emotionally, and I recommend Renu for her insight into how to address and balance the myriad needs of gifted children."

- Kristi Espineira

"We met Renu we were looking for a school for my twice-exceptional son. At the time, he was in second grade and our public school wasn't a good fit. We needed a place to develop his strengths, and support his significant learning challenges. From our very first conversation, Renu put us at ease with her intuitive understanding of our son as a "whole" child. She helped us understand that with the right supports, he would flourish in a classroom, instead of being considered a behavior problem. Renu helped us find the right environment for our son, where he was safe and welcome. Our son is now in high school, and looking back, Renu's guidance helped put us on the right path. Our son is happy, has great confidence and the deep thinking skills that will propel him to success for the rest of his life."

- Melinda Powelson and Richard Haussmann

"Words cannot truly capture who Renu Rose is and her unique qualities. I first met Renu when I came to teach at MackIntosh Academy and was overwhelmed with the environment she created for the children in that school. Being a gifted child myself, I appreciated her desire to create an experience for the children that not only addressed their academic needs, but their psychological and emotional needs as well. Holistically caring for these children translated into their abilities to truly flourish. I could not be more thrilled with Renu’s establishment of the SAGE Center for Gifted Children. Her many years of experience with these amazing children combined with her extraordinary compassion, intellect, kindness, and passion to care for gifted children will make her a tremendous asset for parents searching for support and guidance for their gifted child. I am ecstatic that you have found this center for both you and your child. Working with this center and Renu will impact you positive ways that you could never have imagined."

- Krista Gehring

"I met Renu Rose when I was evaluating schools for my. (He) is an exceptional spirit who had weathered many obstacles in his young life and we felt his curiosity, creativity and unique approach to the world would be thwarted in conventional public school. When our family found Renu Rose at (a private school in Boulder) it was a match made in heaven. Renu's insightful, compassionate approach to his unique beginnings in an orphanage in Central Asia to his untapped potential were not only visible to Renu, but celebrated by Renu and holistic educational vision. Renu is a gift to the community and future generations — and I'm thrilled for all of us that she's created the SAGE center so she can touch so many more lives."

- Tina Scala

"Finding someone who can help navigate the system on behalf of a gifted child, is itself a gift. How lucky were we to find Renu Rose, who has been there since my daughter was young. With her guidance and kindness, Renu has helped us indentify and understand sources to support our family, on all levels. Renu’s compassion as a human, brilliance as an educator and tenacity as an advocate for gifted children, all combined to bring us peace of mind and delight. My daughter is entering high school this Fall and I STILL turn to Renu for advice! She has touched our lives and we are the better for knowing her. As the recipients of her own talented gifts with children and parents, we enthusiastically recommend Renu Rose to everyone who comes to us and asks where to begin on this journey toward finding the right resources and support in a challenging educational world."

- Robin Glickstein, Ed. M.

"I first met Renu when I was in search of a nurturing and supportive learning environment for my two very different children. My daughter was exceptionally bright with all of the social graces and obvious learning aptitude of most gifted children. My son, however, lacked social skills, exemplified anger (most likely caused by the divorce of his parents), but displayed some advance cognitive skills. I was concerned if I would be able to find one school that would accept them both and take on the task of developing their young minds and spirits. After being displaced by a Montessori school, I found Renu at (a private school in Boulder), who with open arms embraced my children and their differences. As one of the only African American families at the school, Renu's academic and managerial leadership set the tone throughout the campus that made us feel part of the loving family she had fostered. My children excelled academically and socially, displaying confidence and courage and love for all. I am forever indebted to Renu who makes the world a better place by touching the heart of everyone she encounters, both in children and adults."

- Candace Walker

"When we met Renu, we did not know where to go with our son, as the traditional school system did not work for him. Our 6 year old already had anxiety, weak self-esteem, refused to go to school and was an underachiever. Renu was for us the silver lining on a cloudy day. We never looked back. We will always be grateful for her guidance in helping our son to love school, to discover his strengths and most importantly be a happy and healthy child. Renu told us he will continue to amaze us, and he does daily. She is the biggest gift to the gifted community."

- Anina Richards

"When we first met Renu, we were searching for a school that would look at our daughter as an individual, recognize her strengths, and know how to unlock her potential without expecting her to stay or fit within a narrowly defined “box”. Renu dedicated several hours to us and had the patience to listen to our needs and concerns. She comprehensively addressed each of them, by sharing her insights and drawing from her wealth of prior experience, academic research, and strong intellect.

Renu has an infectious passion and vision for the development of gifted children. She has a very kind and compassionate manner with them and deeply cares for their academic and social well-being. We are fortunate and very grateful that she continues to be an invaluable resource to guide and mentor us in our journey to harness our daughter’s full potential."

- Nilam Desai and Hanif Jamal

"Our son was miserable in second grade, but we were so fortunate to have found Renu. Renu’s compassion and incredible breadth of knowledge of both gifted and twice-exceptional children helped us place him in the right place at that point in his life. Renu more than delivered both academically and socially-emotionally. If you want heartfelt help for your gifted or twice-exceptional child, I recommend contacting Renu."

- Teresa Soloman

"What wonderful leadership Mrs. Renu Rose provided over her years as a Head of School.  Following are a few of the wonderful things that she did, which absolutely and positively impacted my boys.  

My oldest son was identified in his very good local public school as having 'something direly wrong.'  At age seven, as parents, we had a full battery of educational testing to learn that he had a 'gifted and talented' IQ score.  Though he turned no work in for all of first grade (the teacher kept us in the dark), and minimal work in second...accompanied by humming during math...causing trips to the principal's office, he immediately connected and thrived in third grade at the private school Mrs.  Rose directed.  Mrs. Rose believed in him regarding both his academic potential and his sensitive spirit.  The program provided two wonderful main classroom teachers, additional teachers for math and specials. There were more subjects, such as Japanese, drama, science, passion projects and more recesses.  The class periods were shorter and more challenging, thus eliminating boredom.  He had the ability to explore and learn as far as he wanted to go.  He was also paired up with another boy for independent study in math.  It was the perfect fit as seen in his motivation to perform at his best academically.  In his middle school years, he was challenged in his written expression lending to exceptionally high level of thinking and writing.  He also developed socially because the studentsat the school all know they are unique and different...excelling in some subjects and normal in others.  With his classmates and teachersa positive community was developed for him.  He is now a sophomore at the University of Colorado in the architecture program, hoping to serve in disaster zones worldwide.  

I will never forget how Mrs. Rose responded to my younger son.  He didn't fit the simple "gifted and talented" designation.  In his first grade class in public school he was upset and lost in the stress of his high strung classroom teacher.  He became discouraged, lost the bright and happy way about him and began having nightmares.  Mrs.  Rose took into consideration his little personhood at seven years old...he visited two days and regained his bright and lit personality.  He would get into the car with many stories about what he was learning and singing songs related to subjects covered in class.  He exclaimed to Mrs. Rose, 'This school was the best school ever,' to which she replied, 'out of mouth of babes...'  Within two months we learned that he had moderate inattentive ADD, which is hard to diagnose because the distractions are internal. He also had an auditory processing disorder.  With appropriate ADD medication and the structure and freedom to explore and present projects throughout his time at teh school, he also thrived both academically and socially, carrying these traits into the public high school.

Mrs. Rose lead the teachers and students in attributes of personal development beyond academics. Each week an attribute was posted and explored with the students.  Some examples include character traits such as exploring diversity, honor, respect, understanding other's viewpoints, kindness and courage.  How exciting it is that Mrs. Rose is opening her experience to students outside of the bounds of one school.  She will prove a strong resource for 'gifted and talented' students in assessing and helping with their individual and unique academic and social needs."

 - Kyla Reed

"Our gifted child was struggling in school as a fourth grade student. He was clearly gifted in many areas but struggled with social and emotional issues and Math. We didn't know how to help him. When we met Renu we were so relieved to find someone who instantly understood our struggles and could give us the support we needed to help our son succeed not only in school but, in life. With her support, our son has overcome his struggles and is realizing his potential as a well adjusted Junior in High School. Thank you Renu for being an angel during our time of need."

- Lisa Marie Maxon