Licensed Psychotherapist,
Michelle DeCola
SAGE Center

Michelle is a licensed psychotherapist with 23 years of experience working with individuals, couples, adolescents and families.

Michelle obtained her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Dominican University in San Rafael, CA in 1994. There, she did her post-master’s internships at the University of San Francisco’s McCauley Institute working with children and adolescents. Her second internship included Marriage and Family training and counseling at The Family Institute in San Francisco.

Michelle’s specializations and expertise include helping individuals use mindfulness combined with cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to understand and decrease depression and anxiety issues. She has a special affinity for connecting with adolescents and provides a safe space for them to explore their inner world of feelings.

Michelle is passionate about helping people understand their emotions, guiding them to discover healthy coping skills when feelings arise, encouraging them to communicate openly in their relationships.

SAGE Center welcomes Michelle's seasoned clinical experience and exceptional connective qualities. She will be a gift to our SAGE families providing support on the Louisville and Denver side of our ever-widening reach.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker,
Amy Pickett-Williams
SAGE Center, Denver

Amy Pickett-Williams, LCSW has been providing psychotherapeutic services in Denver for over 16 years. She graduated from Pacific Lutheran University with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work in 1997, and earned the Master of Social Work degree from the University of Denver in 1999. 

She worked in both pediatric and adult medical settings, including hematology/oncology, medically complex children, emergency trauma and hospice. For 8 years, she worked at a school and community-based medical clinic providing psychotherapy to all ages – children, adolescents, women with pregnancy/post-partum challenges, couples and families. At this site, she served many children and adolescents with unique learning needs and enjoyed the integrated approach linking the child, family, school and clinic. She provided consultation for school and medical staff and supervised graduate level students. Before the birth of her third child (who is now three years old), she resumed working in private practice. A majority of her clients are referrals from pediatric offices and both private and public schools. Many of these children are gifted or twice exceptional children and adolescents. 

Her specialty areas include work with gifted and twice exceptional children, depression/anxiety, ADD/ADHD, grief and loss, chronic and terminal illness, trauma, abuse, infertility, post-partum mood disorders, divorce/children of divorce, play therapy, art therapy and family and couples therapy. Her therapeutic modality varies among clients, but always comes from a strengths based/empowerment approach.

“I am thrilled to partner with SAGE Center for Gifted, an agency that looks holistically at a child and all the systems that may impact him/her. This model of empowerment fits exactly with what I believe in as a person and a provider.” – Amy Pickett-Williams, LCSW

Registered Psychotherapist,
Kim Johnson
SAGE Center

Kim Johnson has been working with families in private practice for the past 10 years. She is a Registered Psychotherapist with extended training in trauma and attachment theory.

Kim is also trained as a Love & Logic Parenting Coach. This core of this approach helps parents understand that each child is unique; each child must be parented in such a way that recognizes his/her unique strengths and challenges. Parenting with Love and Logic motivates parents with self-confidence, ready to handle real world problems by crafting caring and respectful relationships in an authentic, connected way – rooted in trust and understanding.

Kim understands first-hand, the challenges parents face trying to find a holistic environment to nurture the gifted child. As a mother of two children with learning differences, she knows that patience, compassion, and empathy create an environment rich in love, understanding, and kindness. Kim practiced slowing down, to get into their world and she has seen her children blossom when provided the necessary support and guidance.

Skilled professionals help parents make wise decisions. Accurate assessment and diagnosis is essential to help these children thrive, for when empowered and nurtured, these children are the most loving, sensitive souls.

Kim is excited to join the team at the SAGE Center where honoring cognitive, emotional, social and creative intellects creates the space for children to bloom.

“I am delighted to join SAGE Center’s professional, caring team. SAGE has the heart to serve beautifully gifted children. The core of SAGE Center is one of love, acceptance and support.” – Kim Johnson


Registered Psychotherapist, Educational Therapist,
Jordan Yost
SAGE Center, Boulder/Denver/Louisville

Jordan Yost has a Bachelor’s degree in Recreation and Outdoor Education from Western State University and a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Wilderness Therapy from Naropa University. During these years, Jordan began to see the benefit in combining the outdoors with the healing component of therapeutic interventions. The outdoors continues to teach Jordan to be grounded in her being, accepting and honoring all parts of herself. 

Jordan comes to SAGE with over 12 years of experience working with children and adolescents as a therapist and teacher. During her years teaching, Jordan guided many gifted students through learning environmental education and the importance of respecting the environment as a reflection of respecting one another. Jordan also began the In Focus curriculum by Thomas McSheehy, teaching social and emotional intelligence to students as a way to help them understand themselves on a more holistic level. Jordan guided these gifted children through the challenges of finding success in a traditional school setting, where standards of behavior must be met in order to be successful in the classroom. She promoted understanding to the child, their caregivers, and the teachers, through psychoeducation around nervous system regulation and neurodevelopment. This groundwork of education helped the children succeed and their families to feel more empowered about their child's future. 

During her years as a therapist, Jordan empowered young women to use their voice and begin to heal from past trauma at a residential treatment facility in Denver. This experience taught Jordan the power of community support and how crucial it is to heal in relationship. Additionally, Jordan began her training as a Synergetic Play Therapist, learning the power of authenticity and providing a safe container for the child to express their unique self. Practicing mindfulness and using her knowledge of neuroscience, Jordan supports children in "rewiring their brain" through modeling techniques, giving them a chance to build a repertoire of coping skills to be used in the classroom, at home and any environment where the child needs support. 

Jordan believes every child deserves safe and compassionate relationships in their lives to help reach their full potential, especially in the educational setting where the child spends so much of their time. Jordan devotes her career to healing and teaching children in ways that support them both emotionally and mentally, to excel in their life-long journey of learning. 

It is this therapeutic and educational blend that draws Jordan to SAGE Center's philosophy, as she believes it is the cornerstone of growth and wisdom. Jordan will call on her individual experience in Outdoor Education and Synergetic Play Therapy to bring a sense of acceptance and creativity to her sessions. It excites Jordan to not only bring what she has to offer to children at SAGE, but moreover the holistic approach of working with a team of dedicated professionals. Whether it is the emotional, psychological or educational realm, supporting a child from all angles is to set the child up for success in a way that Jordan believes no other program offers. It is this structure that brings confidence to families, but more importantly, the child.

"It is my mission for each child to reach their full potential – feeling safe, competent, worthy, empowered – and free to be their authentic self." – Jordan Yost

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